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Global Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:53 pm

1º - Alliance Pact.
1 -We will just accept 3 alliance to sign Alliance Pact.
2 - Do not attack members of alliance with Alliance Pact (light blue members).
3 - Allied members (light blue members) are not allowed to gather silver in our territory.

2º - Non-aggresion Pact (NAP).
1 - We will just accept 5 alliance to sign Non-aggression Pact.
2 - Do not attack members of alliance with Non-aggression Pact (NAP).
3 - Members pertaining to alliances with NAP are not allowed to gather in our territory.
4 - Members pertaining to alliances with NAP are not allowed to teleport into our territory.

3º Attacking system.
1 - Any ally (light blue members) who disobey the rules will be subject to being attacked by express determination of the officers. If the decision taken is to attack the ally infringer he must be notified by message and scouted before.
2 - Any member pertaining to alliances with NAP who disobey the rules can be attacked by anyone BRAVOS member but have to be scouted first.
3 - BRAVOS members can attack anyone in the map as many times as they want.

4º Disrespecting rules.
1 - In case of disrespecting rules you should create a topic here citing each rule that was disrespected and who disrespected. And wait the officials decision.
1.1 - Players who break the rules and official decisions, can be kicked off if the official and the leader so deem.
2 - Only the leader has the freedom to make exceptions to break any rule for any reason, at any time or for any period necessary for the sake of the benefit and interest of the alliance.

5º - Issues not listed.
1 - Issues that are not dealt in the rules list has to be asked to the Leader before taking a decision.
2 - If the leader is not online at the moment and it is an urgent matter, it should be treated with the highest office online member. Following the order: War generals, diplomats and Dukes.


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